Why choose to go camping in the USA ?

Why choose to go camping in the USA ?

One of the most popular countries in the world, the United States has its special features which can be seen in its bid cities. It offers a long list of landscapes and very attractive tourist sites. New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas or Los Angeles, each has the particularities to seduce.

In addition to spectacular infrastructure, its natural side is simply breathtaking. With more than thirty national parks, it has various beautiful places perfect for camping – camping which has become a trend in the United States thanks to the various benefits it provides whether it is done with family or friends, or in a couple.

Specialized Places for camping

In the United States, several settings are suitable for camping. Each place has their singularity and can be at your disposal for a weekend or during your holidays. Among these, we can mention: ­

  • National Park Campgrounds: Located in the center of the national parks, you have a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. In addition, you have a wide choice of places to sit quietly and the whole journey can be done on foot. ­
  • Backcountry camping: you have the opportunity to have yourself a national park or a state park camping provided you get the permit before 4.00pm at the visitor center. This helps strengthen your family link or friendship tie, and will allow you to stay calm with the people you love. ­
  • State Park or State Forest campgrounds: an absolutely exceptional place to enjoy the various services you need to delight your day. These places are numerous and it is sure to always find some even if you forgot to make a reservation during your visit.

Equipped campsites

Camping is a way of cutting oneself off from everyday routine and habitual places, staying away from technology, enjoying the benefits of Mother Nature and strengthening communication while living with a different group for a given time.

However, if you want to keep in touch with your family and / or families and make urgent calls, most of these campsites have a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, very clean and sanitized showers and toilets are available to all campers.

Washing machines are there too and even playrooms if you want to enjoy some activities. In this way, everyone can satisfy their taste while staying with their loved ones.

A real value for money

The access to the campsite is made for everyone given its low prices. Therefore, they offer an opportunity for everyone to take full advantage of their attractive landscapes while offering the necessary services to perfect your stay.

Moreover, some places offer free services such as access to sanitary facilities and reduced rates for children. To learn more, visit eDreams page.

They will advise you on these places by providing the information you need. eDreams also provides other information on flight routes and airlines if you plan to fly to the United States. In short, camping in the United States allows you to: ­

  • Enjoy the atypical environment of incredible sites. ­
  • Benefit from the services with assured comfort and reasonable price. ­
  • Discover several places in complete freedom and tranquility.
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