Our selection of camping sites in the USA

Camping sites in the USA
Our selection of camping sites in the USA

The United States of America; considered as a big country; have a lot of funny activities to offer to visitors from all around the globe. Camping is one of the best activities that you can do in the USA. The country has innumerable touristic sites which allow visitors to camp during their stay in America.

If you are planning to go camping while traveling in America, find the best rental vehicles which suit your tour. eDreams can suggest you the right vehicle to make your tour easier and more comfortable. Here is our selection of camping sites that may interest you.

Ludington state park

Ludington state park is a common destination of campers who come to the USA. The site encompasses forests, beaches, sand dunes, lakes and beautiful marshlands.

Thanks to several attractive spots, Ludington is a real campground which allows to practice a lot of activities. While camping, you have the possibility to take a walk along the white sand beaches, swim in the lake, kayak, ski and hike in the natural forest.

Olympic National Park

Situated in Washington, Olympic National Park is a good choice for camping with friends and family. This campground is composed of a large wilderness, mountains, rainforests, vast coastlines and different other natural spots. Many activities are available while camping in Olympic: hiking, fishing, photo shooting, boating and watching whales when it is the right season.

Pinon Flats, Great Sand Dunes National Park

It is a vast campsite, characterized by green bushes and medium-size trees which all complete the beauty of the place. Pinon Flats is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and is decorated by great sand dunes. All this makes it a very attractive campground that campers really appreciate during their visit.

Fool hollow lake recreation area

This is a super beautiful site for camping and resting, located in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Fool hollow is well-managed for camping thanks to many special campsites with electricity and drinkable water. It is available for tents, trailers and other vehicles for your tour. Hiking, strolling, climbing and canoeing are among the best activities that you can do in Fool hollow.

Wonder Lake, Denali National Park

If you are looking for the most scenic and beautiful spot for your camping, this may be really interesting for you. This is a natural area composed with green bushes, medium height hills and a lake with turquoise water and romantic shores. This is one of the most attractive campgrounds that visitors should not miss if they want to complete their tours in the USA.

Slough Creek, Yellowstone National Park

  •  The most important thing in Yellowstone National Park is the nature. It is a special destination for those who want to experience the green views and natural fragrance in Lamary Valley of America. This campsite is suitable for tents, trailers or small RVs, but there is access of electricity. Campers have the opportunity to hike, fish and take beautiful photographs in Slough Creek. 
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