Which equipment is necessary to camp in the US ?

Equipment to camp in the US
Which equipment is necessary to camp in the US ?

A trip to the United States requires a certain amount of money, so camping will allow you to save money for other expenses such as activities, food or entertainment. A campground also provides an unparalleled view of the stars and the possibility of a campfire for family or friends to sing or dance with beer and marshmallows. However, camping in the United States requires information on places only for camping and also preparation in all areas. The material preparation is the most important for you to be sure not to forget anything and to avoid stress.

The material to have for camping in the United States

Live a unique experience camping in special places in the USA. For this to happen as you wish, it is essential that you are well equipped in advance and have at least equipment such as:

  •  A tent: the dome-type tents are the easiest to set up and the most spacious for family
  •  Sleeping bags: imperatives to have, they will keep the body warm while sleeping outdoor
  •  A self-inflating ground mattress: practical and comfortable for your back
  •  A cooler: to keep food and drinks always cool but especially to keep them away from bacteria
  •  A first aid kit: in case you get hurt or something went wrong
  •  Lamps, flashlights or headlamps: the headlamp is not at all aesthetic; However it is very useful from the dusk.
  •  Camping seats and cutlery preferably disposable but after using them, don't throw them away
  •  Inflatable pillows
  •  A stove: for quick cooking, there are propane bottles that you can buy on the spot
  •  A floor carpet: for you to be hot in your tent

Prepare for any eventuality

Although you think you have all the materials you need to keep your campsite shipshape, it's important to learn about the regulations and anticipate solutions. In fact, you have to pay attention to the fire because the specialized places to camp in the USA are generally located in a park and sometimes it is forbidden to make fire. Then, feeding the protected animals, if there are any, is forbidden. Being aware of these rules is necessary.

In addition, to ensure that your food is always fresh and to cook quickly or to clean the cutlery, aluminum foil is essential. Then, plastic boxes are very useful containers to preserve the food provided you shut the lid well and separate raw food from cooked food. Also if you plan to camp more than 2 days, you may need to ask for special authorization.

Find the places to camp

In this huge country, camping offers you many opportunities since most of the specialized places are located in a quiet setting and with magnificent views. In these spaces, showers and toilets are available and even an internet connection in case it is necessary.

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